History: 1980s to 2009

Evapco products have been marketed in Australia for more than 30 years. Beginning in the 1980's Evapco steel products were manufactured by F. Muller under an exclusive manufacturing agreement. The agreement with F. Muller ended in 1995 and Evapco appointed Aqua-Cool Towers as its exclusive licensee in Australia.

Aqua-Cool Towers was founded in 1981 and was the first Australian company to design and manufacture a complete fibreglass construction counterflow cooling tower. With the licensee relationship in place, Aqua-Cool joined the Evapco family sharing in technologies, resources and expertise. Furthermore, Aqua-Cool became the Australian-based manufacturer of Evapco steel-constructed cooling towers, closed circuit coolers and evaporative condensers which dramatically increased Aqua-Cool's product offering to the Australian market.

In 2002, Evapco purchased a minority ownership stake in Aqua-Cool Towers. Aqua-Cool continued with taking the lead role in operations and marketing of both fibreglass and steel product as well as being the face of Evapco in Australia. Through its many years of hard working and a passion for the business, Aqua-Cool established a firm footing and respectable customer base in Australia. Considering the strong market position and Australia’s resilient economy, Evapco determined that the timing was right to fully involve and to lead the way in Australia.


2009 and beyond:

In October 2009 Evapco, Inc. acquired a controlling interest in Aqua-Cool Towers. The organization was quickly restructured and all activities re-established under the new company name Evapco Australia Pty Ltd.

The technical resources and financial strength of Evapco Inc. are now fully supportive making it possible to further develop and deliver the most advanced heat transfer technologies, products and services to the Australian market. Evapco products are manufactured in 17 locations in 8 countries around the world.