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Vesta Group was established in 2011 in Melbourne based on the former Company FRP which was formed in 2001 with the aim of bridging the gap between high quality air conditioning products and affordability.

Our suppliers: Evapco was founded in 1976 in the US with now more than 20 factories and 170 sales offices
globally. Starting from 1933 Danfoss now employs 22,000+ people and one of the leaders in HVACR products.

Vesta Group comprising of mechanical engineers with many years’ experience within the HVAC industry, made the decision at the outset to provide the market with only the highest standard of HVACR products at a very competitive price. 

FRP was cooling towers manufacturer for more than 9 years and it was a well-known company for its quality and after sales services. 

We have supplied and installed cooling systems for more than 800 projects such as industrial processes, commercial, health care, educational and residential buildings.



Vesta provides:


Evapco cooling equipment: a trusted name in the industry with near forty years of history. 

Danfos VLT drives have been manufactured for more than 40 years made with the highest quality precision engineering.


We provide nothing but the highest in quality standards and energy efficient components, industry leading warranties, prompt and reliable maintenance and servicing.

Our aim is to ensure our client’s satisfaction at every point in the process.

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