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Vesta Group supports its clients in every step of purchasing and using its products.

We believe excellent customer service drives our business by constantly and consistently providing a service which exceeds the customer expectations.


Before purchasing any products, we provide minor consults to help our clients choose the most cost effective and energy efficient system suitable for their project.


It is important for us to help our clients understand the all aspect and context of a product they are going to buy. For example the assembling time for cooling tower may play an important role for project time frame.

We try to ease the purchasing process as much as we can. In some projects for convenience of our valuable customers we may send our cooling towers in small parts which can be easy transported to the site for assembling, after that one of our experienced installation teams can do the rest.

We will give exceptional warranty time for our products to insure our customers about the quality of the products and after sales services. We do the service and change the faulty parts of our products free of charge
during the warranty period and with a very low cost after that.

We try to visit each project
* in advance to get ensured the selected product fulfill the needs of the customers. The free visit* will help us to consider any limitation and restriction and any possible improvement for better integration.


For arranging your project visit and discussing the needed equipment please    contact with one of our friendly and helpful engineers which will provide you the valuable services.

 For after sales and services please contact us 
or in emergency: 0432 248 552

*Terms and condition apply, please contact us for details

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