Upgrades & Spare Parts

Vesta Group offer upgrades and spare parts for all makes and models of Cooling Towers on the market. Our parts are all compliant to Australian Standards where required and are readily available for any urgent requirements.

We stock all standard PVC components and make up valve kits at our factory in Keysborough, our drive system components are sourced locally where possible and we have easy access to other miscellaneous parts including fasteners, spray nozzles and sealants.

A regular maintenance schedule of the Cooling Towers is detrimental not only to the longevity of the tower but also the efficiency of operation, Legionella risk management, compliance to each manufacturers maintenance and operational guidelines as well as Australian Standards.

Vesta Group will work with your company to apply any upgrades to improve the efficiency of the Tower. These upgrades include new spray systems and direct drive systems.


Spare Parts

Fill Block

Fill is designed to increase the surface area for even water distribution. All blocks are crafted from rigid PVC and are suitable for all clean water HVAC applications promoting maximum cooling efficiency. Our Fill Blocks are all approved to Australian Standards and are stocked in 4’, 6’ and 8’ lengths. Vesta Group offer installation and replacement of support beams where required.

Drift Eliminators

Drift eliminators are designed to control the loss of drift and water containing chemicals and other minerals that evaporate. Drift Eliminators capture and prevent these harmful droplets from exiting the cooling tower and into the environment. Our Drift Eliminators are all approved to Australian Standards and are stocked in 4’, 6’ and 8’ lengths.

Air Inlet Louvers

Air Inlet Louvers are designed to eliminate sunlight exposure to the basin and water splashing out from the tower. Our louvers are designed to withstand external temperatures up to 55 degrees. Vesta Group cut all louvers to size on site including support frames.

Make Up Valve Kits

Make Up Valves are used to manage water levels and prevent overflow of the basin. We carry a variety of sizes of Make Up Valve Kits. Our valves and arms are made from Stainless Steel and our pancake floats are high quality plastic. Vesta will also supply any additional requirements including arm extensions and any fittings to suit.

Spray Nozzles

Spray Nozzles are designed for even distribution of water to the heat transfer surface for maximum thermal performance. There are many design options available including crown and EVAPJET Nozzles.

Drive System Components

Vesta Group offer replacements of all Drive System Components. We work with other local engineers and suppliers to source and supply the best options for our clients. Components include axial fans, centrifugal fan wheels, fan shafts, motors, bearings, belts, pulley systems and grease lines & canisters.


Coils are designed to isolate the process fluid from outside particles keeping it clean and contaminate free within the closed loop.



Variable Speed Drives

Variable Speed Drives can be installed to control the speed of the motor. If the unit is not required to run at full capacity all of the time, the VSD can be set to ramp up or down where necessary and in turn, improve the efficiency of the Tower and reduce operation costs. Our preferred supplier of VSDs is Danfoss – see our Variable Speed Drives page for more information on this product.

Direct Drive Conversion

To improve the performance of your system, we can offer a direct drive conversion. Not only does this conversion improve the efficiency of the unit, it eliminates all maintenance requirements, such as regularly greasing and replacing the bearings and belts.

Spray System Retrofit & Refurbishment

Even Water Distribution is imperative to the thermal performance of the tower. Vesta can design and install a new spray system to an existing tower to improve distribution and efficiency as well as replacement or refurbishment of the existing system.

Access Platforms

Access Platforms are installed alongside the Tower to safely undertake any repairs or general maintenance requirements of the tower. Our access platforms are specifically designed to suit the tower in its location and are compliant to Australian Safety Standards. We work with local aluminium suppliers to provide the best quality structures possible.