Evaporative Cooling Equipment

Vesta supplies three types of evaporative cooling equipment:

  • Cooling towers
  • Fluid coolers
  • Evaporative condensers


Cooling Towers

Largely used in commercial projects( HVAC) and industrial cooling systems. They work based on the evaporation of water. The latent heat required for evaporation will be taken from the rest of the circulating water and cools it down. The system works best in a dry climate and its efficiency drops when relative humidity goes up.

We supply mainly fibreglass cooling towers from Truwater made in Malaysia. The product is CTI Certified based on STD-201 factory tested open cooling tower and are available from 300 KW up to 6 MW.

Technical details:

  • CTI certified STD201RS
  • Fully comply with AS/NZS 3666.1
  • Drift rated less than 0.001% of recirculating water
  • Non-corrosive PVC water distribution system

For further info please have a look at VG Truwater- ECS-F Catalogue.